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Embark on an auditory odyssey with Danny Beissel, the architect of FEATHERBORN's lush musical landscapes where every strum, beat, and note is meticulously designed to resonate with the soul. Not just an artist but a true artisan of sound, Danny is renowned for transforming stages into sanctuaries of song where listeners are not just spectators but integral threads in the tapestry of a live musical masterpiece.

When Danny Beissel steps into the spotlight, audiences are instantly enveloped in an experience that transcends the ordinary concert. It's an intimate encounter where each person is invited to journey through a realm where heart converges with art, resulting in performances that linger in the memory, sparking emotion and reflection long after the evening fades.

Danny Beissel's musical tapestry is rich with the threads of collaboration, having harmonized with some of the most iconic talents in the music industry. His history resonates with the echoes of stages shared with rock royalty such as Jeffrey “Skunk” Baxter of The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan, whose guitar riffs speak the language of legends. He's woven melodies with the dynamic Brian Quinn of Candlebox, adding layers of gritty emotion and raw power to the mix. The resonance of Danny's voice has been complemented by the rhythmic precision of Scott Underwood, the drumming force behind the Grammy® Award-winning group Train, and the deft hands of Charles Colin whose basslines and harmonies have painted vibrant backdrops to chart-topping hits. Each collaboration has been like a brushstroke on a vast canvas, contributing to the masterpiece that is Danny's illustrious and diverse musical journey.

Danny Beissel Featherborn
Danny Beissel
Danny Beissel
Scott Underwood @ Blackbird Studio
Danny Beissel Featherborn
Charlie Colin
Danny Beissel Featherborn
Danny, Scott and Charlie @ Blackbird Studio
Danny Beissel @ NAMM 2018
Danny Beissel @ Blackbird Studio
Featherborn Logo
Danny Beaissel Featherborn
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