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Danny Beissel is not just presenting songs; he's offering an experience, a journey through sound that's been crafted with passion, expertise, and a flair for the unforgettable. FEATHERBORN is where heart meets art, and the result is nothing short of magical.

When Danny takes the stage, he doesn't just perform; he captivates, creating an atmosphere where every member of the audience feels like they're part of something bigger—a moment in time they'll treasure forever.

Step into the vibrant soundscape of FEATHERBORN, the musical brainchild of the extraordinary Danny Beissel. This is not just another artist; Danny is a maestro of melody, a craftsman of song who weaves catchy riffs and anthemic choruses into a soundtrack that will echo in your head long after the last note fades.

From the storied halls of Nashville's legendary Blackbird Studios, Danny's vision comes to life—a vision that's caught the attention of industry giants and enchanted audiences alike. Under the watchful guidance of Producer Scott Underwood, the founding heartbeat behind the Grammy® Award-Winning rock sensation Train, FEATHERBORN's songs are not just heard; they're felt. Scott not only shapes the sound from the producer's chair but also infuses each track with the pulse of his drumming prowess.

Imagine the melodies that fueled Train's chart-topping legacy now intertwining with Danny's fresh and soul-stirring vocals. This collaboration soars to new heights with Charles Colin, another Train alumnus, who doesn't just lend his strings to the guitar and bass but also his voice, creating harmonies that resonate with every listener.

But the ensemble doesn't end there. The project is elevated by a pantheon of musical virtuosos: John McBride, the mastermind engineer and proprietor of Blackbird Studio with a reputation as robust as the artists he's worked with, like Martina McBride; Vance Powell, the Grammy® Award-Winning Mixer known for his work with luminaries such as Jack White and Chris Stapleton, who ensures every note is pristine and powerful; the legendary Jeffrey “Skunk” Baxter of The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan fame, whose steel-pedal guitar sends shivers down your spine; and the electrifying lead guitar of Brian Quinn from Candlebox, whose strings sing with emotion and energy.

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